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RYNKLS Shar Pei is a small kennel based in country NSW just outside our Nations Capital -Canberra.
(No, Sydney is NOT the capital of Australia!)

We are dedicated to breeding and exhibiting quality Shar Pei and Chows in the pursuit of excelence. We are committed to the preservation of these wonderful breeds through fair and tough competition, application of best practice, and continued education.

A bit about each of us:

Di -The dog person.  Di started exhibiting dogs back in the early 1980's where she owned and handled a number of Doberman's and Bull Terriers to a variety of conformation and obedience titles.  Amongst a mirriade of qualifications Di holds the Diploma in Animal Technology and has lectured at the Australian National University for many years covering topics of animal ethics, welfare, behaviour, breeding, genetics and general care.  As a passionate educator Di enjoys sharing her vast knowledge with like minded enthusiasts and seeks to further her knowledge through reularly attending confrences, courses and information sessions. Di became a Dog Conformation Show Judge (Non-Sporting) in 2024 following a rigorus course and tough assessment requirements. 


Di and Princes Milly following their BOB at the 2009 Syd Royal!!

Neil -Jack of all trades, master of a few?  New to the dog show world Neil can be found wandering the venue asking pesky questions about anything mechanical, structural, edible or or unbelievable.  When not pestering or dribbling on, Neil may be heard snoring in amongst the Shar Pei. (Actually, that is why he likes the Shar Pei -they disguise his snoring for him!!).

Nanna - Chief cook and bottle washer, Nanna can be found slaving over a hot thermos, whipping up edibles from the bottomless bag; or just sitting back relaxing, enjoying a bit of knitting.  Always in the background, or back at home caring for the left behinds Nanna is a god-send and is NOT available for hire!!

Nobby -Little sis and partner in crime - still helping me to cause Nanna grief!!  Handler in times of need and expert groomer.  Can be seen at shows chasing me around and keeping me in touch of whats doing.  Can also be caught ring side handing dogs in and out and making guest appearances -often kicking my butt.  Also lurks around the Toy ring stealing some of the top awards in the country.....


Robyn (AKA Nobby) concentrating at the 2010 Syd Royal.......


Team Royal Rynkls -Our many successes would not be possible without the huge support team we have and collaboration with other breeders and enthusiasts.  We acknowledge the friendships and co-operation of Kelly at Cutepei Shar Pei; Katy at Katasia Chows; Narelle, Bob and Merle at Chowleigh; Vicki at Sharpeilodge; Anna at Pei Attention, and our many, many other great friends and mentors.  Without their help and influence we could not be where we are today.


The 2010 Syd Royal Team -Kay, Di, Robyn and Elise


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Contact Details
Di Gooding
Bungendore (Near Canberra), NSW, Australia
Phone : 0411 283753
Email : [email protected]


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