Preservation Partners

Preservation Partner Program

As preservation breeders we are committed to the conservation of our beloved breeds for the enjoyment of future generations and enthusiasts, as well as maintaining the historical and cultural significance of these amazing dogs.

To do this correctly the gene pool of each breed needs to be kept at such a level as to provide correct diversity which enables health and longevity of individual dogs.  For obvious reasons we cannot keep sufficient dogs ourselves for this; and to be honest, there are not sufficient dedicated breeders in Australia to provide such a gene pool.

To combat this, the truly committed breeders not only share bloodlines but also committ to adding bloodlines from around the world through importing of semen and dogs.  But this is still not sufficient to keep the gene pool truly diverse. 

That is where Preservation Partners come in. These are individuals or families that would love to have one of our prescious dogs join their family and live with them as their pet; but be available to us for showing and/or breeding.

How does it work?  Well, there are two options:

1.  Puppy Placement -this is a bit like the Guide Dog raising program -except that you don't have to give the puppy back permanently. We place a puppy with you and "Borrow" it back from time to time to attend shows.  If the puppy turns out to be a quality dog that should be included in the gene pool then we also "Borrow" it back for breeding purposes.  If it turn out that the dog is not what we need in the gene pool then it is desexed and left with the family. We cover ALL costs related to showing and breeding.  The host family cover all costs associated with being their pet. It is a win-win option for those that truly want to assist in preserving the breed.  This option is usually only open to families that live near to us as we need to be able to take the puppy to shows. 

2.  Adult Placement -this is where an adult dog retiring from the show ring, but needed in the gene pool joins a family to live out their days; but is made available from time to time for breeding purposes.  Again we cover costs related to breeding and the family covers costs related to the general care of the dog. 


Some of our Preservation Partner families have gone onto becoming show enthusiasts and breeders themselves which is a great way to start.  Many have also shared in the joys of breeding -assisting with puppies -and have even been known to end up with one of the puppies as a reward. 

But being a Preservation Partner is not for everyone.  You need to be willing to allow your puppy or dog come for "Holidays" at Rynkls from time to time -something that some families find difficult. 

Preservation Partners are required to sign a contract which clearly spells out all the details and committments in order to protect the family as well as Rynkls. 

If you think this option might be for you, please contact us to express your interest. 


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